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Hi, I'm Benito Massidda

I'm a JavaScript developer specializing in creating elegant and functional websites and web applications. I use React to build high-performance websites, but my expertise doesn't stop there: I'm able to develop custom software and automations to simplify processes. Additionally, my custom APIs can solve even the most complex tasks. By choosing me, you'll have the assurance of a professional who can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.


Benito Massidda

Date of birth:

02 March, 1983


Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy)

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My Experience

Senior Full stack developer

Indra / 2024 - current

Cagliari, Italy

Development of portals for the Public Administration and development and maintenance of the E-commerce Cloud - SalesForce.

Senior Full stack developer

Softfobia / 2022 - 2024

Cagliari, Italy

Development of portals for the Public Administration and development and maintenance of the E-commerce Cloud - SalesForce.

Senior Full stack developer

Medmob / 2019 - 2022

Milan, Italy

Development and maintenance of web platforms able to offer medical checkups and prevention and personal care services.
Development of automatisms for the management of medical machinery.

Senior Full stack developer

Orda Invest / 2014 - 2018

Bishkek, Kirghistan

Development of custom business management and reporting for multinationals, banks and local authorities.
Custom APIs development for the management of multichannel banking services

Senior Frontend Developer

Studio easy web / 2014 - 2014

Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy

Development and maintenance of websites for small and medium-sized companies.
Maintenance and care of the S.E.O. of small online shops.

Junior Developer

Pro web design / 2005 - 2013

Stratford, London - United Kindom

Management of search engine optimization of e-commerce and corporate sites.

My Skills

JavaScript 0%

Node JS 0%

Express JS 0%

Next JS 0%

React JS 0%

Vue JS 0%

Angular JS 0%

Html 0%

Css 0%

Bootstrap 0%

EJS 0%

Git 0%

APIs 0%

SEO 0%

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The cost of a web app, such as software development or custom APIs, substantially depends on the required requirements and the time required for their implementation. Therefore, each project must be evaluated and quoted according to the customer's needs. We can say that on average a simple landing page has a starting cost of around $300 while a webapp for a medium business can easily exceed $3000.

There is no precise number of pages that a website must have, but it is important to evaluate what you want to communicate your website. The target audience to which market is it is important. On average, we start from a page for the Landing-page up to about 5-6 pages for small e-commerce, company portals and similar, and over ten pages for websites and more complex applications such as e-commerce, social - networks, management etc.

Roughly web development is between 2-3 days per page depending on the difficulty, to which must be added any tests and commissioning. We generally talk about times ranging from a week for the simpler projects, about a month or two for standard projects and over three months for the more complex ones.

Generally for a web project, it is necessary to have a DNS or a name for the domain, a hosting service where to allocate the web app, an e-mail service and a database for data storage. At the first contact I will give you all the information you will need.

In addition to the collection of requirements through the first contact, a graphic mockup is needed on which to base the developments. Alternatively, I can offer you some templates to start from.
Hi, I can develop Javascript - APIs - Node.js - Next.js - React.js Ashburn Virginia United States of America

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Professionale,attento, intuitivo e gentile! top.


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I enjoy discussing new projects and design challenges. Please share as much info, as possible so we can get the most out of our first catch-up.

Living In:

Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy)


(+39) 351 62 52 322

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